US airline to pay out in flying imams case

Six imams were kicked off a flight in 2006


U.S. Airways has agreed to pay "undisclosed damages" to because of alleged suspicious activity, a prominent rights group said Tuesday.

The men were removed from a Minneapolis to Phoenix flight on November 20 and questioned for five hours, sparking a protracted legal battle between the six and the airline, airport authority, U.S. Airways, the crew and several passengers.

Four of the religious leaders prayed in the airport before boarding the flight, apparently prompting suspicions on the part of staff and passengers.
In a statement, the imams said they were guilty only of performing "normal evening prayers."

After questioning U.S. Airways refused to allow them to take another flight home.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) hailed the settlement as "victory for justice and civil rights."

Details of the settlement were not released, but CAIR said the case was resolved to "the satisfaction of all parties."

U.S. Airways confirmed a settlement had been reached, but would not comment further.