First UAE women to work in car shop

So efficient clients ask for her by name


Defying all traditions related to jobs monopolized by men, Mariam Darwish became the first Emirati woman to work in a car maintenance shop and to gain the trust of clients who now ask for her by name.

When she first decided to venture into the field of car maintenance, 30-year-old Darwish started with a six-month training course after then took her first job, she told Al Arabiya’s morning show Sabah Al Arabiya.

“There were another 10 people with me in the course, but when they realized how difficult the job would be, they withdrew. Only I stayed.”

It was difficult for her to in the beginning, but she was determined not to give up.

“I wanted to prove that women are active members of society and are capable of doing all kinds of jobs.”

Darwish also faced criticism from people around her including some of the clients who were surprised that she was willing to do such a hard job.

“Once a client told me that it would be better for me to work an office job and I replied, ‘If you have a problem with your car, you can complain about it, but nothing else.’”

As for her children, they did not object to the job, but only told her it was going to be extremely tiring for her.

“But when I told them how much I love this job and how comfortable I am with my choice, they supported me.”

Since she joined the shop, Darwish has been displaying remarkable efficiency.

“I have the ability to know what is wrong with a car just by listening to the client’s complaint.”

Darwish dreams of having her own shop provided that she would still work with her hands and not just supervise.

“I also want to stay continuously updated on the latest in car mechanics.”

Darwish will be sitting for her final high school exams this year and plans to go to university after she passes.

“I want to get an education, but I will never quit the job I love,” she concluded.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid).

If you have a problem with your car, you can complain about it, but nothing else

Mariam Darwish, UAE female car mechanic