Dubai names 15 more suspects in Hamas murder

Dubai police still tracing routes and credit card of suspects


Dubai police's general headquarters revealed on Wednesday the names of 15 additional suspects in the now famous murder of Hamas leader Mahmoud Abdel Raouf Mohammed Hassan, also known as Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, in a Dubai hotel, Al Arabiya TV reported on Wednesday.

“The extensive investigation has led to a total of 26 suspects so far involved in the crime,” said a press statement released by the Dubai Government Media Office.

“In addition to the previously released list of 11 suspects, Dubai Police has now identified another six suspects who include a woman who used British passports, a man and three women travelling on Irish passports, two men
who used French passports, and three people with Australian passports. The Australians included a woman. “

The satement also included the names of all 15 new suspects listed by passport country.

"British passport holders:
Daniel Marc Schnur, Gabriella Barney, Roy Allan Cannon, Stephen Keith Drake, Mark Sklur and Philip Carr

Irish passports holders:
Ivy Brinton, Anna Shuana Clasby and Chester Halvey

French passport holders:
David Bernard LaPierre, Melenie Heard and Eric Rassineux

Australian passport holders:
Bruce Joshua Daniel, Nicole Sandra Mccabe and Adam Korman"

Earlier this month Dubai Police had promised additional names would be added to the first 11 officially revealed as the investigation unfolded. New suspects include people involved in logistical support and other central roles to the implementation of Mabhouh’s murder.

The extensive investigation has led to a total of 26 suspects so far involved in the crime

Dubai government statement

Tracing clues

European countries assisting in the investigation claimed the passports were illegal and that the pictures used did not correspond to the original owners.

Dubai Police investigators are still tracing the routes of all suspects. They are also investigating credit cards used by 14 suspects and their issuing banks, including the American META BANK.

The police emphasized that the possibility of involvement of yet even more people in this assassination has not been ruled out.