Al Arabiya the most watched on You Tube

Egypt events increased viewer ratings


The page of Al Arabiya News Channel on the video sharing website You Tube became on Friday the world’s most watched with viewership witnessing an unprecedented hike after Egypt latest events.

The political unrest that swept Egypt with the start of the January 25 revolution that ousted President Hosni Mubarak played a major role in making Al Arabiya’s page the most visited on Friday afternoon, a rating that changes every day.

Al Arabiya’s page on You Tube featured videos of the demonstrations, interviews with the protestors in Tahrir Square, the center of the revolution in Downtown Cairo, and the reactions of Egyptian and foreign officials as far as the demands of the protestors are concerned.

Since the start of the protests on January 25, Al Arabiya posted more than 150 videos on Egypt and launched its live streaming service, in a time that the global audience sought more media coverage on the revolution in Egypt. The channel features a total of 1,900 videos.

The new video uploading service called “Ana Ara” (I See), also contributed to increasing the number of videos, which reached a total of 6,000 since the beginning of Egypt’s events.

The most watched videos on Al Arabiya’s You Tube page include: - kicking Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni out of Tahrir Square for earlier statements in support of the regime (381,590 views) - mass release of prisoners from a Cairo jail (74,077 views) - a police vehicle running over protestors (31,814 views) - battle between protestors and thugs leaving people dead on ground (25,180 views).

Among the other most viewed videos include videos featuring the statements of the military the day before Mubarak’s resignation, the story of Google’s executive Wael Ghoneim, a background presentation on Egypt’s emergency law, techniques of bugging protestors’ cell phones, and the legal procedures taken against former officials in the ousted regime.

Before reaching first place, Al Arabiya’s page on You Tube came second after the channel of HuskyStarcraft by American sports commentator Mike Lamond who provides commentary for Star Craft II, a video game by Blizzard Entertainment.

Al Arabiya’s page on You Tube includes several services that allow viewers to get the latest news in politics, business, culture, society, technology, and other fields.

(Translated from the Arabic by Sonia Farid)