Libyan tells story of torture by Gaddafi forces

The only survivor of 26 Benghazi detainees


Ali, a Libyan man who, unlike his fellow revolutionaries, survived brutal torture at the hands of Gaddafi militias recounted to Al Arabiya the bone chilling story of the time he spent in detention in Benghazi.

Ali was arrested on February 17 with another 25 revolutionaries who were all tortured to death while he ended up on a wheel chair. They were taken to the Internal Security center in Benghazi.

“We were 26 people and not all were young,” Ali told Al Arabiya. “One of us was more than 75 years old and they still beat him. They even plucked the beard of an elderly man hair by hair.”

In addition to slapping them, spitting at them, and trampling on their bodies, Gaddafi’s security forces especially targeted their private parts.

“They beat and electrocuted our genitals and dragged us from them while yelling, ‘So that you won’t be able to bring to the world a rotten offspring like you. ’”

Ali added that they were all electrocuted in different parts of their bodies, especially the back, and that after each electrocution they would fall to the floor and be paralyzed for a while.

“Then they whipped us with wires until we fainted.”

All dead

Afterwards, they were taken to the police station where they were laid on top of each other and blood filled the place as all the detainees sustained serious injuries.

“I was unable to move my body and I couldn’t see properly because my eyes were all covered with blood.”

The moment he will never forget, he added, was when he realized that the detainees started dying and he was piled up with 25 dead bodies all immersed in urine and blood.

“None of them survived. They took us all to the shore and left us there on top of each other, all dead except myself.”

Ali’s lower part is paralyzed and he is currently on a wheel chair.

“I can’t feel my left leg and if I touch my right leg, I feel like I’m electrocuted. My genitals are gone and my stomach muscles are aching from the beating. My neck bone is broken, but they told me it will heal by itself.”

(Translated from the Arabic by Sonia Farid)