Syria Kurds support Deraa protestors on Facebook

Slammed official parties for reconciliatory tone


Syria Kurds support Deraa protestors on Facebook
While Kurdish parties in Syria called upon protestors to mend fences with the government, a group of Syrian Kurdish youths started an online campaign to express solidarity with the protestors in city of Deraa.

In a campaign launched on the social networking website Facebook under the name The Kurdish Youths Revolution, the group called upon all Kurds in Syria to stage a sit-in in the predominantly-Kurdish northern city of al-Qamishli in solidarity which Deraa, where, according to Amnesty International, at least 55 were killed in the anti-government protests.

The campaign came in response to a statement issued Saturday by the general secretariat of the Kurdish Political Council in Syria calling for reconciliation between the government and protestors.

The statement said that reforms promised by the Syrian government, such as the releasing political prisoners and granting Syrians more freedoms, are bound to end the unrest that swept the country since the beginning of the unrest.

The statement also praised Syrian media for its coverage of the Newroz festival, which marks the Persian New Year and the beginning of spring.
“Syrian media crossed all red lines when its visual, audio, and written media outlets featured reports on Kurds celebrating Newroz,” said the statement.

Provoked by the statement, Kurdish youths decided to launch the Facebook campaign to highlight the injustice they said was committed by the Syrian regime against the Kurdish minority.

“The regime deprived us of our rights, humiliated us, killed our youths and everyone who opposed them,” the group wrote on its Facebook page. “They did all they could to erase our identity, abolish our language, and disband our society.”

Members of the groups stressed that it is very important for Kurdish youths to unite with their counterparts in Deraa in order to create a democracy out of Syria.

“Syria is going through a critical phase and we all have to take part in the change. We have to sacrifice like our brothers are doing.”

The group adopted slogans that signal their determination to fight for freedom like “no to compromise,” “no to giving up,” and “no to all cowards who try to discourage Kurdish youths.” The slogans are obviously referring to the statement issued by Kurdish officials.

(Translated from the Arabic by Sonia Farid).

The regime deprived us of our rights, humiliated us, killed our youths and everyone who opposed them

Kurdish Youths Revolution Facebook group