Syria: Displaced Children Speak Through Art


The escalating violence in Syria has displaced thousands of civilians -- many of whom are children. Currently, they are housed and cared for in small makeshift camps, located just along the outskirts of the Turkish border.

Most of these youngsters lived in the town of Jisr Al-Shughour and its surrounding areas, but were forced to leave their homes as the Syrian forces commenced an attack on their town.

They now wait anxiously, hoping the regime does not force them to flee across the border into a foreign land --Turkey.

To pass their time, children are given coloring books and are encouraged to create their recollections of the violence in their home towns.

Rosh Abdelfatah, a filmmaker and activist who works with traumatized children, originally started this humanitarian project -- saying it helps youngsters deal with emotional traumas caused by the violence which moved them from their homes.

UN refugee estimates indicate that nearly 10,000 Syrians were either displaced or forced to flee by the violence in the north.

Speaker: Rosh Abdelfatah - a filmmaker and activist
Voice: Jovan Djordjevic