Continuing Crackdown in Hama


Newly released video on a social media website shows tens of thousands of protestors across Syria on August 5th, the first Friday of Ramadan, in defiance of President Bashar Al-Assad's bloody crackdown on protests in Hama and another close by city for six consecutive days.

Syrian forces killed more than eight civilians in attacks on pro-democracy demonstrations in a Damascus suburb Erbin and in the central town of Homs.

Videos show deserted streets in the Syrian city of Hama, smoke rising above buildings, along with the sounds of harsh shelling and gunfire. Syrian forces have also targeted Al-Hader district and neighborhood around Aleppo road.

Another Video shows a tank on Aleppo road, while repeated rounds of gunfire and blasts from shelling are heard.

Syria has prohibited foreign media from entering the country, making it difficult to verify statements from activists and authorities.

An estimate of 135 were killed since the military assault began on August 1st. Tens of thousands took to the streets in cities around Syria demanding Assad's fall and showing solidarity with Hama.