Protests Outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo


Hundreds of Egyptians continued to protest outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo for a second day on Saturday, and have vowed to do so until the Israeli ambassador to Egypt is forced out of his office.

Egypt recalled its ambassador from Israel to protest the deaths of at least three Egyptian troops killed in a shootout between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants who had launched a deadly attack on Israel from Egyptian soil.

Egypt said on Saturday it was withdrawing its ambassador from Israel pending an investigation by the Jewish state into the border killings, which have raised tensions between the two countries.

a protester said, "If Israel thinks that things are like the days of the corrupt regime, when Egyptian soldiers were killed and we were forced to remain quiet, they're wrong; there has been a revolution and I want to tell Israel that one Egyptian soldier is worth 10 Israeli soldiers."

Saeed said,"We, the men of the square, ousted the tyrant Hosni Mubarak; do you think it would be difficult for us to do same with a vile ambassador sitting upstairs? We're not leaving; this is the will of a people and he will leave."

Egypt's cabinet also demanded an official apology from Israeli leaders for statements accusing Egyptian military rulers of losing their grip on the Sinai Peninsula.

An army officer and two Egyptian security men died when Israeli troops chased gunmen who killed eight Israelis on a road near the Egyptian border on Thursday. Seven Egyptian security men were also wounded.

This is the second time that Egypt has recalled its ambassador in Tel Aviv. In 2000, the Egyptian envoy was recalled over Israeli shelling of the Gaza Strip.


James Brock
Hani Ziade