Statement on Palestinian Refugees in Syria


An amateur video uploaded on a social platform shows members of the Movement of the Free Palestinian Refugees in Syria.

The person on camera statement is the following:

First statement of the Movement of the Free Palestinian Refugees in Syria:

The Palestinian people were born free, lived free and will remain free and no one will be allowed to harm their dignity. They refuse to live under subjugation and injustice and no one will be allowed to trade in the Palestinian cause at the expense of Palestinian blood and dignity.

We, the Palestinian people, express - in the name of the movement of the Free Palestinian Refugees in Syria - our condemnation of the acts of violence and massacre committed by Assad's militias against the Palestinian refugees in several refugee camps in Syria, such as in Latakia, Hama, Deraa, Homs and Al Yarmouk camp in Damascus.

We call upon all the Palestinians in Syria to remain united in the face of all those who conspire against the Palestinian people. We also call upon the Palestinian President Abbas Abu Mazen, the United Nations, and the international community to interfere immediately and to protect the rights of the Palestinian refugees in Syria and to put an end to the acts of violence, torture, and detentions against them.

We also express our solidarity with the great people of Syria and we support their peaceful protests. And we are ready to work together with the free officers of Syria until Syrians gain their freedom and dignity.