Libya: Mass Grave and Landmines Found


Opposition forces discovered mass graves on Saturday In Umm Ghindel, east of the Mediterranean coastal town of Sirte, one of the last towns controlled by Muammer Qaddafi.

Several bodies have been exhumed so far, according to one anti-Qaddafi fighter. He said that a rebel traveling from Sirte had informed them about the burial site.

Meanwhile, anti-Qaddafi forces in Yafran, in the northwestern region of the country, are guarding a grape farm, located near a military compound of Qaddafi’s son Khamis, after residents discovered an estimated 6,000 landmines inside a barn on the farm. Just last week, around 50 burned bodies were discovered nearby.

"We got a phone call from the neighbours. Gaddafi troops used to come here. We arrived with our commander. We found this store with all these landmines. That is how we found them. We secured the area. We don't want any civilians to come in and take any of them. This could cause problems for the residents. After this we will move all of the landmines to a safe area," said Mohammed Abud, an anti-Qaddafi soldier from Yafran.

The National Transitional Council is in charge of the land mines, which the European Union fears could be pilfered or stumbled upon by children.

"Slowly but surely, one of our main objectives is to bring stability back to Tripoli. One of our main objectives is if the weapons are in the wrong hands we are going to take them away. We are qualified to do that. Very qualified to do that. We have experienced six months of war," said Siaf Amari, another anti-Qaddafi soldier from Yafran.

Also unfired scud missiles and rocket launchers were found in Junin, east of Tripoli, on what was believed to be a provisional base for Qaddafi forces.

Anti-Qaddafi forces also inspected a chemical factory in Tazuka, which is located near Tripoli.

"They sent people from the national weapons, from Baradei (Dr Mohamed ElBaradei, former Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency) I think, from England and America. They came here, they checked this plant and they said nothing. 'It's normal,' they said. I don't know exactly... so yeah. After that we start again, we make the generation for these fuels," said the factory general manager.

It was reported that the factory was built by an Iranian team in 2003 to manufacture rocket fuel.


Mohammed Abud and Siaf Amari - anti-Qaddafi soldiers from Yafran
Factory general manager (name witheld)


Husam Jubali