Somalis Protest Dire Living Conditions


Somalia is experiencing the worst drought to have hit the Horn of Africa nation in 40 years that has left behind devastating living conditions in the Internally Displaced Persons camps in the capital, Mogadishu.

Men, women and children from the Saydika displaced camp took to the streets to protest the lack of basic necessities like proper shelter, food and water.

Somalia is at the epicenter of a hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa region which is affecting more than 13 million people.

Thousands of Somalis are fleeing to the capital, facing ongoing clashes and civil war, often losing their belongings on the way, in the hope of finding help.

Thousands of others have chosen to walk to Kenya or Ethiopia, even if they don’t know anyone across these borders.

Over decades of conflicts, four million Somalis or 53 percent of the population, have now left the region facing a lack of food and clean water.

Aid agencies are only able to get food to one million people. Al Shabaab militants, controls much of the south which makes it hard for food shipments to get into the region where most famine is located.

Ongoing battles opposing the Transitional Federal Government forces backed by Africa Union troops against the Islamic militant group al Shabaab, have worsened the conditions for displaced people both inside and outside Mogadishu.