Thousands in Morocco demonstrate for major political reform


Thousands of protesters took out to the streets in several cities across Morocco on Sunday evening to demand political reform, unappeased by a recently-agreed package limiting the powers of King Mohammed VI.

The largest demonstrations were seen in Casablanca’s Sebata district and in the northern city of Tangiers, where an estimated 100,000 people responded to a call for demonstration by the February 20 Movement, popular Moroccan news website Hespress reported Monday.

Authorities have often played down the numbers of protesters that take to the streets across the country.

Demonstrations also took place in the capital, Rabat, and in the cities of Marrakesh, Agadir, Nador, and Meknes.

The movement, which takes its name from the day on which it held its first protest, was inspired by the pro-democracy groups that have sprung up across the Arab world.

Participants in the Casablanca demonstration held placards reading “Corruption is Wrecking Our Lives” and “More Social Justice.”

Moroccans voted overwhelmingly on July 1 for a package of reforms limiting the king’s powers.

The referendum and an early election in November were an attempt by the leader of the Arab world’ s oldest monarchy to quell protests inspired by the Arab Spring which had since largely subsided.