Security to be Restored in Capital


Residents of the Libyan capital Tripoli took to the street on Thursday to protest the presence of armed troops, although the new ruling authorities had decided to redeploy the heavy weapons and forbid soldiers from firing their guns into the air.

The protesters requested armed troops, patrols and vehicles mounted with heavy machine guns to withdraw from the capital. They also called for different armed groups to come together and unite under a national army.

Muhammad, one soldier of NTC said, "Yes, we will agree to take our heavy weapons out of Tripoli. Those weapons are only be used on the front line."

Meanwhile, authorities in Tripoli expressed their hope that differences in views between the residents of the capital and the ruling authorities could be settled through negotiations after the war.

The National Transitional Council Principle in charge of Tripoli security, Abdullah, said "Our current concern is [locating] Muammar Qaddafi and his regime. We will of course take their weapons. Many local residents are fearful of weapons and we hope we can peacefully settle this issue by negotiations."

Speaker: Muhammad, soldier of NTC

Voice: Mustapha Ajbaili