Libya’s NTC says Qaddafi’s killers will face ‘fair trial’


Libya’s ruling National Transition Council pledged on Thursday to bring the killers of deposed leader Muammar Qaddafi to trial, Al Arabiya TV said.

“With regards to Qaddafi, we do not wait for anybody to tell us [what to do],” NTC vice chairman Abdel Hafiz Ghoga.

“We had already launched an investigation. We have issued a code of ethics in handling of prisoners of war. I am sure that was an individual act and not an act of revolutionaries or the national army,” the top interim official said.

“Whoever is responsible for that (Qaddafi’s killing) will be judged and given a fair trial.”

Global disquiet has grown over how Qaddafi met his end at the hands of NTC fighters who hauled him out of a culvert where he was hiding following a NATO air strike on Oct. 20.

Mobile phone videos show him alive at the time of his capture.

In addition to Qaddafi’s killing by his capturers, there are videos on YouTube that indicate that the former leader may have been sodomized.

Another video shows Qaddafi’s son, Mutassim, captured, still alive and smoking a cigarette before his killing.

On Tuesday, Qaddafi, his son, and his ex-defense minister, Abu Baker Jaber, were buried in a secret location. The Libyan authorities said the burial was held in a secret location to prevent the graves’ vandalism.


The Libyan channels showed the Islamic rituals being performed at the funeral of the slain Libyan leader, his son Mutassim and former defense minister Abu Bakir Younis.

Less than 10 people attended the funeral.

“Qaddafi’s body has been washed and buried in accordance to Islam,” a man dressed in military attire and who washed the body of Qaddafi told the Dubai-based al-An TV.

“Two of Abu Bakir Younis’ sons attended the burial as well as Sheikh Khalid Tanoush who used to attend Qaddafi’s interviews when he spoke about religion,” the man added without giving his name.

Among the attendees of the funeral were Qaddafi’s personal chauffeur and his cousin, and all these men including the sheikh and former defense ministers’ two sons are in prison.

Algeria and Mali

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and his visiting counterpart from Mali, Amadou Toumani Toure, on Thursday said they would cooperate with the new Libyan authorities and called for peace in the newly liberated nation.

Bouteflika and Toure expressed their “readiness to cooperate with the new Libyan authorities” ─ whom they described as “brothers” ─ “in the mutual interest of their peoples and as a contribution to the strengthening of peace, security and stability in the whole region,” a joint statement said when Toure left.

The two heads of state “joined in their wishes for a rapid settlement of the crisis in this country, in line with the aspirations of the Libyan people, and respect for unity, integrity and sovereignty,” the text said, according to the APS news agency.

Last week, Algeria was urged by Britain and other foreign powers to cooperate with the Libyan authorities whose forces toppled and killed ousted leader Qaddafi over members of Qaddafi's family who have fled to Algeria and sought refuge there during the fighting.

Qaddafi’s daughter Aisha fled to Algeria late in August with her brother Hannibal, their mother Safiya – Qaddafi’s second wife − and his eldest son Mohammed. Aisha has since given birth to a baby girl.

Algeria has thus far given them refuge.

Toure’s four-day visit to Algeria was notably marked by the signing of plans for cooperation in several domains, ranging from energy and mines to water management and public works.