Libyan songs of freedom gain traction


The week following the death of Libyan ousted leader Muammar Qaddafi has been viewed with high optimism across the capital of Tripoli.

The revolution that has swept across Libya has brought with it a new soundtrack to the celebrations in which new types of music can be heard. Libyan revolutionary songs now fills the airwaves on the radio, in people's homes and cars on the capital streets.

Much of the songs poke fun at Qaddafi or "Shaf Shoufa" - Libyan slang for "messy hair". There is a great demand for these CDs. Haithem al-Warfailly, a music seller said that there is not a car in Tripoli without these CDs or cassettes. On average between 500 to 600 CDs are sold every day.

Warfailly said, "These songs mean a lot to the Libyan people because they are all about the revolution. Some of the songs are anti-Qaddafi while some show the suffering of the Libyans during Qaddafi’s rule."

The market offers many revolutionary souvenirs but it seems it's the music that has really caught people’s fancy.

Speaker: Haithem al-Warfailly, a music seller

Voice: Mohab AlSamman