Turkish police detain 14 suspected militants in al-Qaeda raids


Turkish police have detained 14 al-Qaeda suspects people in overnight raids south of the Turkish capital targeting militants from the terror network, state-run television reported on Tuesday.

TRT said the suspects were detained in simultaneous police raids cross the city of Konya, 250 km (155 miles) south of Ankar. The 15 people were suspected of being al-Qaida members, now led by Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, but the report gave no further details.

Turkish police were either not immediately reached for comment when or declined when contacted by news agencies.

Earlier this year, police arrested a group accused of planning to attack the U.S. Embassy and another group in the southern city of Adana, which is home to the Incirlik Air Base used by the United States to transfer noncombat supplies to Iraq and Afghanistan. The raid included an arrest of individuals from one house near Ankara, after police discovered explosives and weapons.

Authorities have said al-Qaeda planned to attack Incirlik in the past but were deterred by high security.