‘Racist rant’ woman on London tube ‘brought Britain to shame’: Judge


A woman who was filmed ranting racial slurs onboard a London tram “had brought Britain to shame,” a judge said on Tuesday.

Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, was jailed for 21 weeks for her foul-mouthed outburst, which investigators later found was also alcohol-fuelled.

In November, she had hurled racist insults at fellow commuters seated beside her, saying “I used to live in England and now I live in the United Nations.”

The video of her, titled “My tram experience,” was recorded by a passenger who posted it on YouTube, where it went viral and attracted millions of views and an international buzz.

The seven-minute clip shows Woodhouse with a toddler sitting on her lap firing repeated expletives and racial slurs at passengers of ethnic minorities.

“What’s this?” she said, looking around the tram. “A load of f***ing black people and Polish.”

She screamed at the travellers: “get back to your own f***ing countries … My Britain is nothing now!”

A female passenger told the ranting woman to respect the children on board in an attempt to stifle her expletive rants. But the riled woman angrily pointed out that she herself was sitting with a young child on her lap.

She continued, questioning the same female passenger where she was from and if she was really British.

“Are you British?” she shouted. “You ain’t British, you’re black.”

The passenger gave an angry reply, saying she was British.

The shaky but coherent footage appeared to have been taken covertly by a passenger standing opposite the woman, most probably by a mobile phone camera.

District Judge Michael Snow said of the video clip capturing Woodhouse’s outburst: “Anyone viewing that would feel a deep sense of shame that our fellow citizens could be subject to such behavior,” the Daily Mail reported.

After investigators found that Woodhouse was intoxicated during her tirade, Snow also gave Woodhouse an anti-social behavior order banning her from travelling on the Underground or the Docklands Light Railway while drunk for five years.

The clip was captured by fellow passenger Galbant Singh Juttla who was making his way home from a funeral at the time, the Mail reported.
He became distressed by Woodhouse racially abusing the black woman who had bumped into her accidentally.

‘Hello, government’

During the clip, Woodhouse turns to Juttla's camera, as he assures her he would rather be listening to his music than to her.

“Oh look he’s filming, hello,” she says. “Hello, government.”

She goes on: “Why don’t you tell me where you’re from?”

He replies: “I am British.”

She gets her phone out of her black handbag and looks as if she is filming him too.

Juttla warns her: “Watch what you are saying.”

She replies: “I used to live in England and now I live in the United Nations.”

As he tells her to keep her mouth shut, informing her that she has had too much to drink, she becomes extremely agitated and starts screaming.

“It’s not your country anyway so what’s your problem?' she yells. “It’s been overtaken by people like you.”

Juttla decided to film Woodhouse after she started insulting the unidentified black female, the court heard.

The video has attracted thousands of comments on the video-sharing site, sparking international debates on multiculturalism and immigration issues in Britain.

One commenter wrote: “This woman makes me sick, you will always find some people in every nation who are like parasites. That doesn’t mean you label all legal immigrants the same. She is ridiculous. Imagine the British economy without outsiders! I just hope this doesn’t tarnish the image of Brits as unthinking and prejudiced people. And yes, I pity her child.”

Another remarked: “About to welcome the world for London 2012 and this is the attitude of some of our citizens? A disgrace to our country.”

(Written by Eman El-Shenawi)