Saudi woman denies converting to Christianity, wants to return home


The Saudi woman reported to have converted to Christianity and fled the country denied earlier reports of her conversion and said she wants to return to Saudi Arabia, local daily Al-Yaum reported Tuesday.

The 30-year-old woman also denied that she appeared in a YouTube video posted on July 10 where a veiled woman who was thought to be her claims to have converted to Christianity after having a dream.

“I am a Muslim, I’m fasting in Ramadan and I will not change my religion until judgment day,” she told the newspaper.

The woman said she was facing some family problem when her boss, a Lebanese-national, convinced her that the solution to her problems was to leave Saudi Arabia to a freer country.

“The Lebanese man and another Saudi colleague helped me flee Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, and from there to Qatar before going onwards to Lebanon,” she said. She alleges that when she arrived in Beirut she was taken to a monastery where she was asked to work as a maid.

The woman’s father filed a lawsuit against the two men for helping his daughter leave the country without his knowledge. The Lebanese man was reportedly jailed Monday in the city of Khobar on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia.

The woman told al-Yaum that she was forcibly transferred from Lebanon to Sweden by an international Christian group. The paper quotes her as saying that she wanted to return to Saudi Arabia but Christians in Lebanon and Sweden told her that the Saudi government would kill her.

Earlier media reports said the woman’s family had tried to convince her to return home amid assurances that she would be safe. But Al-Yaum spoke to the father who said he was told that his daughter would be kidnapped if the Lebanese man was not released from jail.

The father asked Saudi authorities to help him get his daughter back. She is currently living with a Christian charity in Sweden, he told the paper. “I’m afraid she will be brainwashed,” he said.