Dunia TV “reports” the Darya massacre


Welcome back to the adventures of official Syrian media again, from the field and between the dead bodies, to support the usual narrative about terrorists and armed groups that is destroying Syria as they claim.

Unbearable footage was broadcast by the private Ad-Dunia TV channel after the massacre of Darya that left more than 300 people dead.

Children held by the arms of their dead mothers, while others laying under bodies that wanted to protect them from the bullets of snipers, which pierced both victims.

The correspondent walked between the bodies of children and women. She spoke with those children, five- or six-year-olds, wanting to hear one answer from them: armed gangs killed us and the army saved us.

Interviews as such have been conducted from the afflicted areas and cities where the rest of media are absent to showcase the achievements of regime forces in dismantling the armed gangs as they are called by the Syrian regime and its media. A coverage that left the viewer watching images of victims, dead women and children, including interviews with the survivors as she claims.

“This woman is on the brink of death – let’s hear what she has to say about what happened,” the correspondent says, as she approaches a wounded elderly woman.

The correspondent insisted to show that the interviews were granted with consent.

“The army is protecting us – protecting us and our children, and our country. I’m speaking for myself,” one resident said when asked about the role of the army.

“No one made us say anything, we speak for ourselves,” another resident said when asked about the rumors of state media forcing people to say everything is “fine”.

The bodies of the Darya massacre that covered the streets provided rich material for the official Syrian media which appear in the crime scene after the crime was done to accuse the armed groups and acquit the regime from a new massacre added to the series of massacres that carried its signature and enraged the international community.