Crocodile roams Gaza sewer network


A crocodile has been roaming the pipes of the sewer network in the besieged Gaza Strip and all attempts to capture him have failed, according to residents.

“The crocodile most likely escaped from one of the nearby zoos and sought refuge in the sewers,” said Rajab al-Ankah, head of the Northern Gaza Sewage Station.

Ankah added that the crocodile, whose length is estimated at 1.7 meters, escaped capture several times.

“The nets were set up to capture the crocodile, but it managed to escape. The slippery ground in the area around the swamps near Beit Lahia in northern Gaza made the escape easier and the crocodile disappeared once more.”

According to local residents, the crocodile comes out of the sewage basins to look for food then disappears quickly for fear of being captured.

According to Ankah, the crocodile has been living in the sewage network for two whole years.

“It came as a baby and now it is huge and the more it grows the more dangerous it becomes for the residents of the area and their livestock.”

One of the farmers in Beit Lahia had already reported that the crocodile ate two of his goats when they were grazing near one of the sewage basins.

This raised concerns about the possibility of the crocodile attacking human beings in the future if it is not captured shortly.