Bahrainis in Sitra Island demand republic


Supporters of a Bahraini movement asking for the island to be made a republic have been protesting in Sitra Island against the detention of their leader, Haq Hassan Mushaymi.

“We want a republic and not a monarchy,” said one of the protesters, while another one said “we are free to close down our roads as it is part of our region and land.”

Sitra Island lies south of Manama and is located just east of Bahrain.

Protestors here have been accused of stocking deadly weapons in conventional weapons warehouses and manufacturing dozens of Molotov bottles, according to Al Arabiya reports.

Protesters are also mixing eggs and sugar with an inflammable substance which, when used, causes severe burns on the skin, and they also use fire extinguishers to hurl arrows.

One anti-riot police officer said that the weapons the protesters use are meant to kill and persevere.

The hide and seek game between the weapons-equipped protesters and the anti-riot police has halted movement in the island, in addition to the protesters closing down roads with garbage containers and wood.

On Saturday there were five protesters who were arrested and 10 police officers wounded. The protesters have no license to demonstrate as is required by Bahraini law.

Most of the Shiite-led protests in Bahrain are not anti-monarchy; they are demanding a constitutional monarchy.

The government of Bahrain considers the republic-seeking movement in Sitra as those attempting a coup and supported by an outside foreign power.

(Translated by Dina al-Shibeeb)