Israeli commercial ridicules veil, angers Muslims


Hundreds of thousands of Muslim internet users were outraged by a commercial that makes fun of the Muslim veil.

The commercial, which was produced by Israelis, spread rapidly on the social networking website Facebook and the video sharing website YouTube. It depicts four male Mossad agents disguised as women wearing headscarves.

The four agents walk in the near a picture of the leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini, apparently in Iran. They walk towards another man sitting in a café across the street from a nuclear reactor.

The man, who turns out to be a Mossad agent as well, presses a button and the reactor is seen exploding.

The video, which promotes attacking Iranian nuclear plants, outraged many Muslim viewers.

The company that produced the commercial, according to Muslims who commented online, is insulting Islam through linking the Islamic dress code with the kind of actions that involve bombing and Israeli spies. They accused Israel of doing all it can to insult Islam.

The commercial plays on the popular fear in Israel of a nuclear neighboring country, especially one that is openly hostile to the Jewish state.

Senior officials in Israeli security agencies have told the media that an attack against Iran has to be launched by the middle of this year before the Iranian authorities manage to transfer their uranium-enrichment activities to underground facilities.

According to Israeli experts, a military attack against Iran will not destroy its nuclear project, but will delay it for two or three years.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid)