Syrian activist recounts horrors


When I met the pro-democracy activist Danny Abdul Dayem back in September 2011 after he fled Syria with his family to the UK, I asked if he would go back, his answer was simple "I hopefully will go back, my friends are being killed everyday".

It is no surprise that I saw Danny back in Homs helping the injured and the people of his home city despite the continuing crack down of the Syrian regime on prodemocracy protestors.

Danny Abdul Dayem, a British citizen of Syrian descent, is one of the first witnesses that gave first hand account of the brutality committed by the loyal forces to Bashar Al Assad in Homs and other cities. He was shot himself and amazingly survived a bullet going through his body.

Fearing for his life Danny escaped from Homs to London with his family so he could get treated for the bullet wound and without his British passport, the security at the airport would have spotted him easily.

Danny recalls the details of this vicious, cold-blooded attack: he said: I was standing next to a friend, a car came by and threw a grenade at us. Another car parked behind us and opened fire; my friend stood over me and got shot three times in his stomach, hand and leg. The grenade exploded and killed one.

The 22-year-old Student rejected the reality of death and destruction by the security forces and that had changed his views of Bashar's Al Assad government, so he became a leading activist and organized deliveries of ffod and medication to needy neighborhood and the besieged areas despite the risks involved.

Danny said: the Syrian regime is crazy, it is a shame to call it criminal because a criminal kills and escape but the security forces kill and dance on the bodies and carry on killing kids and women.

Even though when he was thousands miles away from his city of Homs Danny kept in contact with fellow protesters. Hoping one day the regime will be brought down by the will of prodemocracy activists to free Syria and start building for a better future.