Largest ruby in the world on sale in Dubai


An Emirati retired businessman is ready to sell his precious ruby that he has had in his possession for 20 years.

The uncut 150 kilogram uncut ruby, believed to be one of the largest in the world, was bought by 81-year-old Muhammad Jetha from miners in Tanzania.

He had it later flown to Dubai when he moved to Canada 18 years ago.

“I had it shipped to Dubai because there is no tax here. My daughter has looked after it here for all these years. Now I am 81 and during the time I have left I want to sell it,” he told the Dubai-based 7DAYS newspaper.

“It is not easy to cut. But experts could make a very beautiful shape which could be put on a stand to decorate a beautiful house or office. It is unique and I am hoping people will come forward and make me offers,” he added.

In 2010, a giant ruby owned by a firm in England was priced at $17.36 million and was thought to be the biggest in the world, but later it was sold only at $12, 632.38 after discovering that its valuation certificate was forged.