Saudi man builds recycled guest house


Hadram Bin Shalan a retired science school teacher in the southwest Saudi town of Abha has built a guest house using recycled material from construction sites.

Shalan took seven years to complete the project using eco-friendly building methods on the piece of land that was gifted to him by the government. Not only was it environmentally friendly but he also saved on costs.

This guest house will bring in some income to bin Shalan now that he is retired.

The former school teacher used iron, bricks, tiles, and wood to complete the house.

“I worked 25 years in education and now that I am retired, I’m trying to spend my leisure time working on the guest house in a serious way,” bin Shalan said.

He also said that he learned how to do the plumbing and electric necessities while building the house.

“It cost me a great deal of effort during these seven years, but on the financial side, it has cost me half the cost of construction because we relied on items that are usually discarded,” he said.

According to one of his neighbors, many people thought the project was a joke but today many weddings and birthday celebrations are being held at the guest house which gets around 2,000 riyals ($530) for hosting such events.

Thanks to the success of the guest house, bin Shalan has started a second project next door to accommodate more events.

He hopes his success will inspire other Saudis.

“I hope that young Saudi men will follow in my footsteps in all fields, not just in construction or electrical work but also in other fields,” he said.