Assads’ Inbox: On BSS’ discomfort


Subject: Fwd: Strictly Private and Confidential
From: Fawaz Akhras
Date: 23/06/2011 12:47 _
To: A
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From: "Wafic Said"
Date: 23 June 2011 08:28:47 GMT+01:00
Subject: Strictly Private and Confidential

Strictly private and Confidential

My dear Fawaz

Thank you for your email about next week's BSS meeting. I know that
this is an extremely important meeting but unfortunately I cannot
attend as I shall be in Turkey with my family for a long standing
commitment which I cannot change.

Our Society is facing a very difficult and delicate situation. We
have to be sympathetic to the concerns of all our Members and in
particular the British ones. They have served us well and we should
make them comfortable by trying to understand their position - it is
sad because I cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel. The
current situation in Syria is simply unacceptable and the continuing
killings and violence are indefensible. It is a fact that, in the
circumstances, the BSS cannot fulfil its mission and I believe that
there is little the Society can do for the foreseeable future. Our
position has become untenable and unfortunately our Society will be
dormant for a long period.

I have to say that I would myself have resigned had you not been our
chairman because you are my dear friend and I do not want to put you
in any way in an awkward or embarrassing position.

I hope you will understand how very sad it makes me to be writing
like this. I have always been so proud to be a director of the BSS
and of our achievements under your leadership. It has been a
pleasure working with you and Ghayth and our other directors and
members to advance relations between Britain and our beloved country
and I hope that one day we will be able to do so again.

With warm wishes