From Arab News: Greenbox Museum


It is perhaps the sole public museum exclusively dedicated to collecting and housing contemporary works of artists from Saudi Arabia, which already includes a large collection of works by rising stars in the likes of Ahmed Mater and Abdul Nasser Gharem, among many others.

But, interestingly so, the Greenbox Museum of Contemporary Art From Saudi Arabia is located in Amsterdam (yes!) and professes to be little more than just a humble “white cube” of museum space. And no, the founder is not Saudi. Not one sharing a remote gene pool from the Arabian Peninsula either, albeit, a loyal patron who is bringing a fair amount of the modest quality art produce from Arabia to himself.

Meet Aarnout Helb, Greenbox Museum’s 47-year-old Dutch founder and curator and a self-confessed historian by nature.

Armed with a degree in law by nature of inherited family education (courtesy: three great-grandfathers!), a chance detour from law school one day landed him at a second year art history class in Florence, and he has since entertained a profoundly serious (pun intended) interest in the arts.

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