Egyptian actress files divorce lawsuit against ‘nose job MP’


A young Egyptian actress has filed for divorce from the Islamist MP known for his “nose job scandal.”

It was only when Egyptian actress Sama al-Masri started receiving threats that her secret marriage to controversial Salafi MP Anwar al-Balkimi, also known as “nose job MP” and the “plastic surgery MP,” was exposed, the Egyptian daily newspaper al-Gomhuria reported.

Masri, who claims Balkimi is behind those threats, filed for divorce on the grounds that he did not inform her of having another wife, who is also the mother of his children.

This discovery, Masri argued, caused a great deal of emotional trauma and drove her to file for divorce and demand all her financial rights, on top of which is a pre-agreed divorce settlement that amounts to 250,000 Egyptian pounds.

Masri admitted, however, that Balkimi has given her a lot of support since they got married. In the lawsuit, she said that he bought her a car and opened several businesses for her that eventually enabled her of producing her first movie, in which she is also the lead actress.

Regarding the threats, Masri said that she did not want to accuse anyone in the beginning but later discovered that it was her husband who hired people to threaten her with death and with throwing acid on her face.

Balkimi made headlines after he attributed his bandaged face to an attack by thugs which was later discovered as a ruse to cover up a nose job. He belongs to the ultra-conservative al-Nour Party which considers plastic surgeries forbidden in Islam.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid)