Al Arabiya regains control of Facebook page after hacking by ‘Syria’s Electronic Army’


Al Arabiya managed to regain control of its English Facebook page after a group calling itself “Syria’s Electronic Army” posted a banner on the page of claiming responsibility for its hacking earlier today.

The group also posted a statement on the wall in Arabic saying, “The Syrian electronic army” was here.

The statement criticized Al Arabiya TV and accused the channel of involvement in “the destruction of Egypt and Libya” and of working “day and night to broadcast venomous, Brotherhood, Zionist, thoughts, in Egypt and the Arab World.”

The group also accused the channel of paving the way for “NATO’s occupation of Libya and its wealth.”

Posts on the page surrounding the conflict in Syria have provided our readers with false news on attacks in Syria and deceptive information on Saudi government orders.

The posts included news about clashes between the Free Syria Army and the Syrian regime security forces, which Al Arabiya cannot verify.

The news is being falsely attributed to Al Arabiya sources.

The posts by hackers appear in Arabic on Al Arabiya English Facebook page and have confused our readers who normally expect the latest news on the Middle East in English.

Al Arabiya was the target of deliberate online attacks and jamming of its broadcast transmission. The latest of these attacks occurred in February and prompted Al Arabiya to change its frequencies on Arabsat.