Child abuse committed by maids in Saudi Arabia on the rise


The investigation and prosecution unit of child abuse is currently opening a formal proceeding to probe an Asian maid who was arrested earlier this week on charges of having tortured a three-years-old child in Taif province of Saudi Arabia.

The hospital examinations showed that the child’s body had deep burning scars, made by a sharp knife, particularly at his most sensitive parts. His doctors, however, thought there might still be a chance for his recovery.

However, his father wrote an official appeal to the police after the surgeons couldn’t help in healing his wounds, despite intensive medical treatment.

“The police has received a complaint from a resident who alleged his Indonesian maid, who is in her forties, for abusing his three-year-old child by burning sensitive parts of his body using a knife,” police spokesman, Turki al-Shehri, told Al Arabia.

“The conviction documents have been referred to the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution, and the maid is now in custody”, he said.

Child abuse through maids in Saudi Arabia has been recently on the rise. A similar incident occurred in the same province in 2001 when an Asian maid poked a child eye out, because he was noisy. The maid admitted her crime. Other incidents range between murder crimes, robbery and practicing juggling and magic.

Abdul Rahman al-Maliki, a Muslim preacher who uses Quran verses to heal his patients, told Al Arabiya that he had been examining many cases to break the magic done by an Asian maid for the purpose of forcing teenagers to have affairs with them. Most cases were cured from the effect of magic after several sessions, he said.