Saudi Arabia bans ‘emos’ from universities


Saudi authorities on Sunday banned university students from emulating ‘emo’ subculture according to a report in Al Riyadh newspaper on Sunday.

Universities across the kingdom have been asked to ban students from sporting ‘emo’ clothing and hairstyles after an investigation cited this culture to be “improper and deviant” reported Al Riyadh.

Al Asharq newspaper also reported that female students dressing in boyish styles would be barred too.

“Emo” is short for emotional and refers to what started off as expressive lyrics that appeared in in the mid-1980s and transformed into a trend. The style is characterized by skinny black jeans, heavily made up faces and wild hair styles.

The local newspaper said that the country’s vice police force has been asked to look out for ‘emos’ in public places too.

“Emos” run the risk of being ostracized or even arrested for being gay in countries like Iraq which saw a spate of murders of young men dressed as ‘emos’.