Kuwait MPs, interior ministry warn of women’s cafes turning into ‘night clubs’


Women’s cafes have been stirring much controversy lately especially in the wake of a security report about violations with MPs calling for a law that regulates conduct of customers there if the ministry does not curb the phenomenon.

According to a report issued by the Ministry of Interior, women’s cafes have seen various types of indecent behavior especially in private rooms allocated to families. Following its findings, the ministry announced launching a plan to detect illegal practices that take place in these cafes.

Several MPs declared their support for the ministry’s plan which if successful could replace a set of laws they were about to draft to solve the problem.

Conservative MP Walid al-Tebtebaei said the Ministry of Interior has started taking measures against those cafes after reports of illegal and unethical practices made it necessary to take action.

“Young boys and girls take advantage of lack of monitoring in those places and go there to engage in immoral behavior,” he told Al Arabiya.

Owners of those cafes, he added, only aim at fast profit and encourage customers with no fear of punishment because no government measures were taken before.

“Those owners, who also make use of their connections, have practically turned the cafes into night clubs where prohibited goods like alcohol are consumed. Places like night clubs are not allowed in Kuwait.”

Tebtebaei added that two weeks ago he requested the questioning of the minister of interior and that the issue of women’s cafes topped the list of the topics he wanted to tackle.

“Now that the ministry has started doing something about it, I trust they will do their best to eliminate this phenomenon which is alien is to the Kuwaiti society and which violates its values and traditions,” he concluded.

(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid)