Pakistani Taliban kidnap comedian who makes fun of them, again


A Pakistani comedian who used the Taliban as material for his shows was kidnapped by the group during a performance in Peshawar on Monday according to a report in Express Tribune.

Khan pokes fun at extremist organizations and had recently written a song about thieves being caught and punished by the Taliban. “Shave my head, paint my face black; Mount me on a donkey and make fun of me,” he sings.

Nisar Khan was performing at a wedding near a police checkpoint in the suburbs of Peshawar when a group of 20 Taliban entered and took him away, saying “they needed an entertainer on an urgent basis” an eye witness told the newspaper.

The shocked guests were told not to panic because Khan was being taken away for a few days and would return unharmed.

Khan was kidnapped last year, allegedly by militants, and released a week later.

Residents believe he will soon be freed.

The Taliban believes in leading a strict life and disapproves of music, song and dance.