Egyptian Islamist MP caught in ‘indecent act’ with teenage girl


Egypt’s prosecutor summoned an Islamist MP for questioning after he was caught performing an "indecent act" with a teenage girl, an Egyptian daily reported late Friday citing an unnamed security official.

“The normal legal procedure in this case is to send the prosecutor’s order to the People’s Assembly [Egypt’s lower house of parliament] on Saturday, so as to lift up the parliamentary immunity from the MP,” the source was quoted as saying by Egypt’s daily al-Youm al-Sabea.

“Immunity must be lifted first and the parliament should give the permission for questioning the MP,” he said.

Islamist MP Ali Wanis, who is a member of the ultraconservative Salafi Nour Party, has denied news reports that he was caught performing an indecent act with a teenage girl on Thursday night inside a private car on a Cairo-Alexandria highway.

The teenager, a 19-year-old university student identified as ‘Nesrine’, was also summoned for questioning. Wanis alleged that the girl was his fiancé and that she was sick and he was helping her to wash her face.

According to the police officer, who was patrolling the highway on Thursday night, the MP’s car was parked in a no-parking area on the highway near the Egyptian city of Toukh. On approaching the car, the police officer found Wanis and Nesrine “engaged in an indecent act,” so both were arrested and taken to the police station, where a police report was filed.

“Indecent act” is the term given, by Egyptian police, to any act involving sexual activities.

Wanis issued an online statement early Friday denying the allegation. He said he had earlier been involved in an altercation with a low-ranking police officer and accused the police of fabricating a scandal to get back at him, the online edition of Egypt’s state-run al-Ahram reported.

Wanis said that the allegation was part of a blackmail campaign that aims at smearing his reputation as well as the image of the Islamist politicians.

Earlier Friday, hundreds of supporters of Wanis marched in the city of Banha after the weekly Friday prayers to show support for the Islamist MP and to express their condemnation to the police allegations. Protesters chanted anti-police slogans.

(Translation and writing by Abeer Tayel)