Iranian textbooks in Canada depict Israelis as ‘apes’


Canadian school children taking Persian language classes, study from Iranian textbooks depicting Israelis as “apes,” news website Ynet News reported Saturday.

Director of the International and Terrorist Intelligence Program at INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc. David Harris said that textbooks issued by the Iranian Education Ministry were being used in public Canadian schools.

“Ottawa Carlton Public School Board, a publically funded school board had until 2011 allowed its courses in Farsi on the weekend to use Iranian Ministry of Education textbooks.” Harris said according to Ynet News.

“These books were given to elementary school students, and even third graders,” Harris said, adding that, “Israel of course was vilified.”

“The Israeli soldiers (in the book) looked ape-like and very much reminiscent of the popular jihadist portrayal of Jews as the ‘sons of apes,’” he said.

“There was a grade three text that portrayed a situation in which a six-year-old Palestinian boy was instructing his three-year-old brother how to stone Israeli soldiers, and then the passage ends with one of the soldiers beating the young child over the head with blood flowing everywhere.

The text that accompanied the picture read: “The Israeli officer hit Mohamad’s head with his gunstock and his warm blood splashed over Khaled’s hands.”

Harris said the books also included images glorifying a child suicide bomber who blew himself up under an Iraqi tank during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s

A group of Iranian-Canadians brought attention to the textbooks and reported that the Iranian embassy in Ottawa were facilitating them, “thereby hijacking in effect an Ottawa Carlton School Board course,” Harris noted.

Asked if authorities have done anything to remove the textbooks, Harris said objections were made to senior board officials who then issued a statement saying certain images from one story had been removed.

Recently the Toronto District School Board suspended an Islamic school’s operating permit after Iranian-sponsored textbooks were found to promote anti-Semitism and holy war. The school -- which operated on Sundays out of a public high school -- is now under investigation by Canadian police.

The school’s curriculum, which it has now taken off its website, referred to “crafty,” “treacherous” Jews and contrasted Islam with “the Jews and the Nazis.” The passages were from two books published by Iranian foundations, The Huffington Post reported.

The books also provided children with a list of “unclean things,” including pigs, dogs and “a person who does not believe in Allah.” It said boys should be “healthy and strong” so they would be “ready for jihad whenever the time comes for it.”

Girls, meanwhile, were told to limit their participation in physical activities and instead engage in hobbies that would prepare them to become mothers and wives.

The school later issued a public apology

(Written by Sara Ghasemilee)