Taliban fighter who ‘killed British troops’ not deported from UK


A UK court blocked the deportation of a Taliban fighter who killed British troops, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The fighter, Zareen Ahmadzai, who admitted using a Kalashnikov rifle to kill British troops, firing rockets, and supplying weapons and food to the Taliban, originally had his asylum claim rejected, the Pakistani newspaper The Daily Times reported.

The British Home Office rejected Ahmadzai’s asylum claim and when his appeal also failed the former fighter was detained at Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Center in West London while awaiting deportation.

The 30-year-old – who spent three years in Afghanistan – later put forth a new appeal which overturned the Home Office’s case on the grounds that his life would be at risk if he returned home.

“He believed that he was advancing the cause of Islam. He said that his father was shot during fighting against the Americans. The appellant used to fight for the Taliban. He said that he had killed people. On different occasions he had used a Kalashnikov and also a pistol,” the court said.

“He was involved in fighting over a three-year period according to need. He indicated that he had been in a lot of battles, sometimes two or three a night as well as daylight fighting.”

Upon his realization that innocent people were killed in Afghanistan, he tried to leave the Taliban, but was instead taken to a mountain and tortured.

After fleeing Afghanistan, Ahmadzai said that he cannot return because his life would be in danger from both the Taliban and the Afghan National Security Forces, who oppose the militants.

He arrived in Britain illegally in May 2010 after traveling from Afghanistan in lorries. Two days later he was arrested in Wolverhampton and claimed asylum.

Psychologists, who have examined Ahmadzai, say they believe he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.