Son of Egypt’s President-elect Mursi to resume medical career in Saudi Arabia


The eldest son of Egypt’s new president Mohammed Mursi said he is planning to stay in Saudi Arabia where he works as a doctor despite his father’s election victory, according to a newspaper interview.

Ahmed Mohammed Mursi, a doctor at the Urology and General Surgery department at a hospital in the eastern Saudi province of al-Ihsa, described his father’s victory in last week’s election as “a blessing from God and the natural outcome of people’s love.”

“I will not be returning to Egypt; I am staying here where my job is,” he told the London-based Saudi daily Al-Hayat.

“I live a normal live here and my father’s victory will not affect it.”

Ahmed’s colleagues at the hospital described him as a person of high morals.

Mursi’ son welcomed Al-Hayat reporters on the second floor of the hospital where he works, but raised objection about being photographed, citing “private reasons.”

“I only pray to God to support and help my father to best represent the Egyptian people and serve them and to assist him in doing well for the nation,” Ahmed said.

The newly elected president’s son said that he was living a critical period during the run-off, because of “instructions that prevented him from speaking to anyone.”

The new Egyptian president is said to have five children with his wife Najla, the eldest being Ahmed, and Shaima, who holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Zagazig, Osama, who has a law degree, Omar who graduated in Commerce and Abdullah who is still a student in high school.

President Mursi also has three grandchildren.