UAE provides Yemen millions of dollars in aid


Residents of the United Arab Emirates have raised 18.6 million dirhams ($5 million) in charities to provide immediate relief to Yemen’s current humanitarian crisis.

Yemen is witnessing one of the worst humanitarian crises which has left millions of people starving due to lack of food and water following the change of government still grappling to come to terms with the catastrophe before it.

The Red Crescent Authority (RAC) campaign announced on Friday that AED 18.6m was collected in funds to be directed towards Yemen.

A number of local charities along with the RCA aims to raise aid to provide Yemenis with basic food and medical supplies.

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan approved a 500 million dirham ($ 136 million) aid package for Yemen earlier this month.

Distribution centers have been set across the country to raise donations and supplies which will be provided directly to support the people in Yemen.

Khalfan Al-Kindi, Director of Red Crescent office in Yemen told Emirates news agency WAM, that the UAE RCA’s teams in coordination with his office began their activities Sunday night targeting needy families, through the distribution of food baskets for each family, including “sugar, flour, rice and cooking oil.”

Saudi Arabia, Western and Gulf states pledged more than $4 billion in aid to Yemen at a Riyadh conference in May, reported Reuters.

Meanwhile, several cities across Yemen are experiencing long periods of blackout following attacks on power lines and power stations.

Hundreds of thousands of Yemeni students have taken to the streets across the country to express their frustration which they say has affected their studying during the final exam period.