Lebanon enters Guinness Records with world’s largest cup of lemonade


Batroun entered the Guinness Book of World Records Sunday for the largest cup of lemonade reported The Daily Star on Monday.

The event was part of the Batroun International Festival and saw 400 participants enter the lemonade making contest.

It was initially thought that 200 people would be needed to squeeze the lemons but the town’s residents all pitched in and the number grew to 400.

According to the newspaper, 2,200 kilograms of lemons were squeezed and 1,000 kilograms of sugar was used in 3,000 liters of water to which 1,000 kilograms of ice cubes were added to create 5,200 liters of lemonade.

That drink was poured into a cup whose base was 140 centimeters and its height was 285 centimeters.

Town residents were joined by neighbors and officials like Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud, Energy Minister Gebran Bassil, Foreign Affairs Minister Adnan Mansour as well as 20 foreign dignitaries the Daily Star reported.

A member from the Guinness records was on hand to monitor to verify the results.