‘A woman’s place is at home, not social activity,’ says leading rabbi: report


Home is a women’s place and “not the domain of social activity,” a report published by an Israeli daily said on Tuesday, citing a treatise by a leading Zionist rabbi.

Rabbi Zvi Tau, president of Har Hamor Yeshiva and a leader of the more extreme orthodox trend among the national-Zionist public, wrote the treatise for internal use, the daily Haaretz reported. The leaflet promotes the opinion that too much education for women would “harm the quality of life of the nation,” thus reflecting further radicalization among religious Zionists.

Another treatise written by Tau two months ago, for internal use, called “who created me as he willed,” a quote from the prayer said by women every morning dealing with the proper place of women according to the Torah.

Haaretz report described Tau’s position as radical, often more than orthodox concepts.

Austria-born Tau often wrote that men and women have different roles in life. According to him, women have more emotional power, while men are more cerebral. Women, due to nature’s needs, were not meant to occupy themselves with “the depths of science and morals,” but rather with carrying, giving birth to, feeding and raising children.

Rabbi Tau added that the worldwide trend of allowing women equal education, and striving for equality, can only guarantee short-term profits. In the long run this trend “will harm the quality of life of the nation and society, since the true female character will not be realized and will be missed by the world. Society and the nation should rather be built on perfecting the special attributes imprinted in women,” according to him.

Tau explained that children born to couples including women who devote themselves to their career will be “weak and flaccid.”

According to Haaretz report, Tau finally reached the conclusion that “home is the natural habitat for women to express their special tendency ... not the domain of social activity. At home, without the bustle ... is where a woman can fully live her life.”