Hackers suspected to be behind denial of service to Al Arabiya websites


Visitors around the world logging on to Al Arabiya’s website were partially denied access due to the websites being hit by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack on Tuesday.

The disturbance meant that visitors were partially unable to access the news sites in Arabic and English almost all day on Tuesday.

This is not the first time Al Arabiya has been the subject of hacking or attack.

On March 26, Al Arabiya English’s page on Facebook was hacked and defaced by the Syrian Electronic Army, who posted false news.

The hackers posted their banner and criticized Al Arabiya TV, accusing it of its involvement in “the destruction of Egypt and Libya,” of working “day and night to broadcast venomous, Brotherhood, Zionist, thoughts, in Egypt and the Arab World,” and of paving the way for “NATO’s occupation of Libya and its wealth.”

Al Arabiya’s social networking sites Facebook and Twitter were also infiltrated on April 23 by unidentified hackers who posted false news on the website, including a baseless report about a coup in Qatar.

They also posted a story on a series of explosions in Tartus in Syria as well as report about international observers being shot in Homs.

Al Arabiya website has been blocked in Syria while Al Arabiya and Al Hadath have been subjected to constant jamming.

Al Arabiya’s Al Hadath channel was also subjected to constant jamming while it was running reports about leaked emails belonging to President Bashar al-Assad.