Spy pen captures former Lebanese minister plotting terror attacks


Former Lebanese information minister Michel Samaha was not aware that the plotting of attacks against Christians with orders from the Syrian regime was being recorded by a spy pen camera carried by a Lebanese security agent who was in regular contact with Samaha, the Lebanese daily Assafir reported on Saturday.

The Lebanese security agent, whose name was not revealed in the report, informed the head of Lebanese internal security service, Col. Wissam al-Hassan, three weeks ago that Samaha had asked him to "secure a group of trusted young men to transport explosive devices to the north and set them off there in exchange for a sum of money."

Col. Hassan initially found the story "strange," according to Assafir, but after repeated insistence by the agent and the latter's request for security protection, the head of the internal security informed Attorney General Judge Said Mirza.

Mirza obtained security protection for the agent and opened the probe on the former minister, believed to be close to Syrian President Assad's regime.

The spy pen camera, according the Lebanese paper, recorded a phone call between the agent and Samaha in which they agreed to meet in the latter's office.

The recordings of meeting revealed details about the explosives, how they would be transported to the north of the country and set off on a mass gathering of people in the city of Akkar. The men also discussed targeting high profile Lebanese figures, especially from the opposition side and those who are against the Syrian regime.

Last Tuesday, the two men had their final meeting in a parking under Samaha's office. Samaha, reportedly, handed the explosives and $170,000 to the agent.

According to Assafir, Samaha was filmed personally carrying from his car trunk the explosives, which were 24 in number, including four that weigh 15 kilograms. The rest weigh 1.5 kilograms. The agent after that drove to the internal securities and handed them the explosives.

On Thursday, Lebanese security forces arrested Samaha and a judge ordered that he be kept under arrest as part of the investigation.=