‘Man in the Mirror’ thrills Beirut audience


Thousands of Lebanese people gathered at the Souq in down town Beirut during the holidays to attend the concert “Man in the Mirror – The Michael Jackson Show.” For the first time in the Middle East, Jackson’s fans had the chance to enjoy the amazing music of the King of Pop featured by an international cast of world class performers.

“The show is a Michael Jackson tribute. We perform all of his hits. We are six singers and eight dancers. It’s really a great show full of energy. Any Michael Jackson fan would love it,” Elvis Martin, one of the singers, said.

In the spectacular show, performers presented Michael Jackson’s greatest hits in pop history in a career spanned over three decades, with surprising special effects, astonishing multimedia displays, breathtaking vocals and dynamic choreography.

“This is my first time in the Middle East, I’m trying to suck up all the experiences that I encounter. This show is a tribute to Michael Jackson. It’s a celebration of his music, his life, his legacy,” a dancer said.

This family show for all ages revived the memory of the legendary pop singer and helped bring the bleeding heart of Beirut City back to life.

“I’m attending this just to confirm that Beirut is not tiers in the middle of the streets. Lebanon is culture. It is what we see. It’s the joy of living,” Lebanese Minister of Information, Walid al-Daouk, said.

“We were waiting for any Michael Jackson event for 3 years in Lebanon, we were fighting to keep his legacy alive,” Talar Saghounian, head of the Michael Jackson fan cub in Lebanon, said.

“It’s a great show, great performance, full of energy,” a teenage member of the audience said.

Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” tribute concert encompasses what the artist was all about, trying to show the best in one’s personality.

Featuring all of Michael Jackson’s number one hits, this magical show takes the audience on a musical journey through the career of one of the greatest performers of all times.