The Gulf makes its foray into New York Fashion Week with Noon By Noor


Bahrain-based Noon By Noor will become the first Gulf-based fashion house to take part in New York’s fashion week, when it unveils its Spring/Summer collection at the prestigious industry event next month.

“This is a really proud moment for us and we feel honored to be showcasing alongside such amazing designers. It is an incredible opportunity to present our vision and hard work to the fashion industry,” designer Noor al-Khalifa told Al Arabiya.

The name Noon by Noor springs from the Arabic letter ‘N’ and the name of the founder and CEO of the fashion label.

“I initially launched Noon By Noor in June of 2008, but realized that I wanted to get involved in every step of the design process, from concept to final product,” she said. “And so, I decided to attain my educational degree first, only to return back to my label fully equipped.”

Noor graduated with Fashion Design degree from Marymount University in the U.S. along with her cousin, Haya, and together they revived the label.

“From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to become a designer. For starters, my father is an artist. I have also been blessed with having stylish women surround me throughout my whole life,” Noor said.

It won’t be the designers’ first time exhibiting their work in New York. In February, Noon By Noor held an event in New York at the same time as fashion week to present the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection. Among the celebrities who attended was Blake Lively of the hit TV series Gossip Girl, dressed in one of the label’s outfits.

Noor and Haya attribute much part of their success to a deep bond from childhood.

“We’re not only cousins, we have been best friends since childhood; so naturally we never let disagreements get in the way of making a magnificent team. We know exactly how to get around them,” Noor said.

“Interestingly enough, our design styles are almost the exact opposite of one another. The secret to our success is our ability to harmoniously blend these designs into one concept,” she added.

The designers say that their east-meets-west concept is what helps them stand out from other contemporary labels, with embellishments in their collections which they believe to be influenced from the Gulf region.

After establishing their showroom and operations facility in the popular Seef district in 2011, they launched an online boutique.

“Our aim is to place Bahrain on the fashion map. We also hope to see Noon By Noor open stores in all the fashion capitals of the world,” Noor said.

Noon By Noor’s latest inspiration is the African sunset, which will be manifested by “pops of neon” as well as tribal influences.

“All will be revealed at the show!” they said.

Noon By Noor is scheduled to take the runway on September 7.