Burj Khalifa firm eyes another record by building world’s tallest statue


The management firm that built world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, is eying another record by planning to erect the world’s tallest statue.

The U.S.-based firm, Turner Project Management, signed a $450 million-contract on Tuesday to build the 182-meter-high Statue of Unity in the middle of Narmada River and opposite of one of world’s biggest dams in Western India, The Times of India reported.

The statue will be of Sardar Patel, one of founding fathers of modern India, also named as “Iron Man of India.”

“The life of a man, as great as Sardar Patel, is something that India cannot simply afford to fade away into pages of history,” read a statement on the Statue of Unity’s website, (http://statueofunity.in/monument.htm).

“To keep him alive in the hearts of the generations to come is the only true tribute that he can be commemorated with. It is thus in order to make Sardar Patel a source of inspiration for every generation, that such a massive project is being undertaken,” it added.

Turner is also aiming to head a consortium to build Patel’s statue which is expected to be complete after 56 months.

The statue which, will be almost four times the size of the Statue of Liberty in New York, will be 54 meter higher than the current record holder, the Spring Temple Buddha statue in China.

China’s Spring Temple Buddha was built in 2002.