UAE official: if Iran creates cells here, we can create cells there


Dhahi Khalfan Tamim a UAE security official has gained attention in the recent months for his highly controversial tweets on the Muslim Brotherhood.

In an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya Channel, the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police warns on the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to destabilize the Gulf region and takeover Syria if Assad were to be overthrown.

“The Gulf security represents a red line. God forbid, if there are any repercussions in any Gulf country, there will be support from other Gulf countries. Maybe in other parts of the Arab world you cannot see this cohesion among a number of countries to support each other,” said Tamim.

The security official turned to twitter to express his concerns about Gulf security following Iran’s threats, which have created a lot of controversy.

“I said if Iran will use cells here, we can work with the cells there, and this is something not to hide, to allow anyone to target us while we stand empty handed that is when I spoke up with an Iranian official who told me, and I quote: No, we keep our hands away from you and you keep your hands away from us,” said Tamim.

History shows the increase in bilateral relations between the Gulf State and Iran, one of those issues being the control over a group of islands in the Arabian Gulf.

Towards the end of the interview Tamim said that he is concerned the Muslim Brotherhood intends to take control of Syria once the unrest comes to an end.

“Unfortunately the Brotherhood leaders are now in Turkey's hotels waiting till the war ends. And then they leap upon power chairs as they did in other places,” said Tamim.

The security official said that the relations between the UAE and Egypt will not be harmed despite the resignation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Mursi from all of his official positions in the Islamist movement.

“We are talking about the acts of the Muslim Brotherhood as an organization, and about their interference in the affairs of such Gulf States. I do not think that the Egyptian people are confined to a faction or to an organization that does not represent more 10 percent of the total population in Egypt,” said Tamim.