Lebanese resident in Dubai pays $200,000 for first iPhone 5 in Mideast: report


A Lebanese resident in Dubai was reported to have paid $200,000 to purchase the region’s first Apple iPhone 5, according to a report by the The Pan-Arabia Inquirer.

Fadi Flat-White handed over around 200 times the iPhone 5’s estimated price on release to ensure he is the first in the Middle East to receive the smartphone when it eventually hits shelves later this month.
The same person made headlines earlier in the year when he ordered the first iPad 3 in the UAE for $500,000.

“Truth be told, aside from what has already been revealed I have no idea what the new iPhone will be like,” Flat-White, a Lebanese-born PR manager for a social media strategic solutions provider, was quoted by the Inquirer as saying.

“It could have the capacity of the Nano, weigh the same as a small elephant and be completely incompatible with any of the previous models. You know, it could be pretty much the same as the iPhone 4, but with a huge five on the back. But I just had to get one before anyone else, because I really am that much of a complete idiot,” he said.