Iraqi youth group promotes reading


“I am Iraqi, I read,” is the name of a group set up by Iraqi youths to bring awareness to the declining interest in reading books. The group created a Facebook page encouraging young Iraqis to read. An event held on the borders of Dajla River was held by the civil community with reading and writing activities doing what their ancestors once did.

“We feel that Iraqis need to read more; there should be more people interested in books again. We do not want books to be restricted to elites; we want the community to interact,” said Houssam al-Hajj, a member of “I am Iraqi, I read.”

“Youths have taken initiative to launch reading. Our aim is to reintroduce reading in Iraq. We want to say that Baghdad reads,” said Sabrine Kazem, a member of “I am Iraqi, I read.”

Children and adults settle themselves comfortably around the garden with a book in hand absorbing into the world of reading. The books were donated by supporters of “I am Iraqi, I read” in the last four months.

Visitors say they are pleased with the initiative.

“It is a great initiative and activity. Everything is fantastic; Iraqis needed new activities,” said a young visitor.

The initiative continues with the determination of the young Iraqis to make their dreams a reality.