Saudi band makes parody of Korean hit Gangnam Style


A group of Saudi youths produced a local version of the hit single Gangnam Style by South Korean pop rapper Park Jae-sang, known as PSY.

The Saudi performance features a sarcastic depiction of the phenomenon known in the Saudi society as “the guy in undershirt and thobe pants.”

This expression refers to youths who pay no attention to their appearance and wear white undershirts and thobe pants which look more like under garments, at all times, both at home and when going out.

This phenomenon has triggered complaints from wives who expressed their discontent at seeing their husbands in the same outfit everyday.

PSY’s song has so far received 620 million views on the video sharing website YouTube and most fans are attracted by the unique dance performed in it.

Gangnam Style is an example of Korean popular music, also known as K-pop, and which has been gaining popularity both in Asia and across the world. The song and the genre are especially popular in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and South America.

Gangnam is the name of an elegant neighborhood in the South Korean capital Seoul. The “style” referred to in the song is that of luxury, extravagance, and trendiness.